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Our Swiss Luxury Resorts

Our stunning luxury chalets and lodges are located in the hot spots of the Swiss Alps! This includes the world famous Verbier and Zermatt as well as some of the less well known locations such as Andermatt, Davos, St. Moritz, Gstaad and more. Swiss resorts are unique and offer something which cannot be found anywhere else in the world: traditional Swiss charm. A luxury Swiss ski holiday with Tempston Luxury ensures you’ll find classic wooden chalets, narrow snowy roads, beautiful villages, designer shops and fine dining all set against a background of breath-taking mountain peaks and rolling mountainsides. A mixture of German, French and Italian speaking shop owners keep the villages busy all year round. If you’re struggling to decide which area of Switzerland is best for you, contact us for some friendly advice!


Saas Fee
St Moritz


The most prestigious resort for the very best in Switzerland’s luxury chalets. It’s quite difficult to find a property that isn’t simply amazing! The beautiful village of Verbier can be found at the top of Route De Verbier, which is the scenic windy road that takes you up the mountain side. On arrival of the village, you will drive through the centre of the busy town, full of brightly coloured skiers, plenty of ski rental shops, lively bars and regular buses! Verbier is an excellent all round resort as it has something for all the types of holiday groups: families, friends, birthdays, stag dues, corporate and more. Snow conditions are usually never less than perfect during the winter season.


The world famous Zermatt is sometimes argued to be the most popular Swiss resort (even before Verbier). With just as much luxury, this lovely town is kept safe by the watchful eye of the mighty Matterhorn. Zermatt’s guests usually arrive by the bright red Swiss train due to Zermatt’s car free streets. On arrival to the village expect to find electro taxis, horse drawn karts, chocolate box style chalets and enough watch and jewelry shops to fill a small city. Due to the Matterhorn Glacier Paradise, this luxury resort keeps skiers coming back in both the winter and summer to hit the slopes!


Although we have a smaller selection of luxury chalets in Gstaad, they are nothing short of utterly brilliant! Gstaad is less well known than the other resorts yet famous for their cows and celebrity visitors. The town is a busy place and the chalets are a little more sparsely placed making for the most breath-taking views. Gstaad is a great resort for families and larger groups looking for a slightly more chilled holiday with the option to get the heart pumping faster at any given moment. Due to Gstaad being a high resort, snow conditions will be perfect during the winter season and there may also be the option to ski during the summer.


Switzerland Luxury Chalet Rental

Our luxury chalets in Switzerland will always guarantee perfection in the form of style and class. The Swiss have a unique personality trait meaning every last detail is considered, from the bathroom taps to the comfort of the hot-tubs. Our luxury property rentals in Switzerland include a range of designs, sizes and facilities from luxury town houses to ultimate mountain lodges.
Luxury chalets in Switzerland are all built with one thought in mind: how can we show our guests the ultimate ‘wow factor.’ When craftsmen build unique vacation rentals towards answering this, you know you’re somewhere special. Although Switzerland is a beautiful place, some believe it’s the properties alone that keep guests returning year after year.

Switzerland Luxury Apartment Rental

Our luxury Swiss apartments offer just as much as a whole chalet! Far better than a hotel room, our rental apartments are spacious, quirky and fashionable. Our luxury apartments include just as many facilities from swimming pools to games rooms and more than enough bedrooms for that luxury family vacation. Famous Swiss luxury chalet designers and architects need to start somewhere, and apartments usually being slightly cheaper than whole chalets means this is the area they created their name and always come back to! Our apartments are located in all of the same areas across Switzerland as our luxury chalets.

Swiss Catered Chalet

Most Swiss luxury chalets and apartments include catering options freshly cooked and served by the in-house staff. A popular Swiss meal plan for the day looks a little like this:  Bircherműesli, a swiss muesli breakfast with nuts and fruit which is a great healthy way to start the day. Followed by a Rosti (a fried potato style side) with Zurchergeschnetzeltes (which translates as ‘cut meat Zurich style’) for lunch. Famous for their cheeses, a Swiss fondue with freshly baked bread and a Saffron risotto for main will end the day nicely.

Facilities, Spas and Services

The Swiss know how to relax! And more importantly, how to look after their guests. Spa’s with all the trimmings (hot-tubs, saunas, steam rooms, private massage rooms etc.) are a common thing amongst the natives. It would almost be a strange experience for the Swiss if a village or town had less than 7 spas to choose from (one for each day of the week). After the spa, the Swiss love to look after their guests with 6 star service: chalet staff, chauffeurs to the mountain and champagne on arrival are to name but a few.

Swiss Corporate Chalet

Each of our resorts contains a small selection of perfect Swiss corporate luxury chalets: large enough to cater for the entire office and personal enough to ensure a team socialise together all mixed in with excellent corporate facilities.  Check out our Verbier corporate chalets and Zermatt corporate chalets if you are looking for ultimate luxury. These are the areas where the corporate rentals are out of this world!



Switzerland boarders France to the West, Germany to the North and Italy to the South in central Europe. Switzerland is a mountains country which is why it has so many spectacular ski resorts and extraordinary hiking route. Between the Mountain valleys lie numerous lakes and smaller villages full of Swiss tradition. Consuming more chocolate per person than any other country in the world Switzerland is a pretty sweet place! But don’t worry, if the country is invaded whilst you’re enjoying a holiday their it will be hard for the enemy to gain access, as over 3000 roads, bridges and train tracks are laced with explosives to stop them gaining access with the push of a button. Although, with some of the lowest crime rates in the world Switzerland will keep you safe.

Getting There

Getting to your luxury chalet in Switzerland will be relatively easy from anywhere in the world. The main airports, Zurich, Geneva and Bern are modern, well maintained and organised. Once you touch down, it will be easy to find your transport link with the multi lingual signs throughout each airport. All airports offer private taxi transfer to all of the resort as well as train stations located inside (usually underneath the airport). It’s always worth pre-booking your private taxi or train ticket. Likewise, driving to your ski resort will also be hassle free with the well maintained road networks.

Money and Currency

The currency in Switzerland is the Swiss Franc (Fr. Or CHF). The Swiss Franc is a strong currency and with prices being higher in Ski resorts, Swiss vacations are usually more expensive than average.


Skiing In Switzerland

The world’s favorite skiing country may never be officially labelled, but Switzerland would defiantly be near the top. The luxury resorts in Switzerland all have a backdrop of beautiful mountain scenery and large percentage of car free policies. With mountain peaks including the Matterhorn, Eiger and Gemsstock travelers tend to keep their heads in the clouds whilst on holiday. The ski lifts won’t be needed often, as Swiss ski runs are exhilaratingly long. Majestic mountains, world renown ski schools, great piste-side restaurants and bars are what keep the skiers going all day long throughout Switzerland. Watch out though, as Zermatt is notorious for trapping its guests in the resort because of too much snow, meaning your 7 day ski holiday may be extended. You’ll find amazing powder, well-groomed pistes and overall great ski conditions throughout this country.



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